Anonymous asked:
But why the fuck is everyone asking about Eric today? Lmao gtf

they some rubberneckin triflin queers

Anonymous asked:
How big was his penis?

You spelled panocha wrong

Anonymous asked:
Why so much hostility? Did he fuck you over that bad? I'm sorry to badger you with questions just seems like you have a deep hatred for someone you spent a very long time with

hostility? I would call that my twisted sense of humor actually. If you musssttt know, I “feel” about it the same way that religious people SHOULD feel about gay marriage; it doesn’t effect my life so I don’t give a rat’s ass


But really tho, good for them. In fact, I’m expecting a baby, too. And in honor of them happily procreating, I’m naming my demon spawn lex luthor :)

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Anonymous asked:
are you interested in anyone?

I’m pretty much done with the whole human race. Going for Vulcan now

Anonymous asked:
How do you feel about Eric having a baby?

I’m really worried actually. That baby’s head is going to ruin his pretty little vagina.